Tourism Marketing Planning & Management


Marketing Planning

Marketing draw in visitors and gets them to come back for return visits!
Strive International tourism marketing services outlines the advertising and overall marketing approach that will be used to promote a destination.
Specialized Services:

  • Destination brand strategy
  • Developing tourism products and experiences
  • Advertising campaigns, promotion actions
  • Strategic Marketing Plans for tourism destinations

Tourism Management

The goal of this area is to contribute to improving the destinations' profitability and their long-term sustainability, improving their competitiveness, implementing professional training plans and creating partnerships with the public and private sectors. 

Specialized Services:

  • Development of successful strategies to maximise a destination's tourist potential and income
  • Competitiveness programmes helping destinations to strengthen the competitiveness of their tourist systems
  • Training programmes  to improve  the knowledge and skills of the tourist destination's management team

Online Marketing Package for Hotel & Accommodation 

Businesses utilize digital marketing techniques in their practices to engage their target audience and communities and compete in the international market. 

Strive International offers a service package including:
  • Social Search Optimization
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Video Marketing