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One of the main challenges for an innovative start-up or a dynamic small business is to spread great ideas around the world. Going global and selling on an international scale are important factors that may increase a start-up’s chances of success. But most importantly, going global can attract a lot of attention from new investors and brands that may be interested in creating a fruitful partnership with your business.
This is the reason why Strive International has developed a new package of services specifically focused on the needs of start-ups and small businesses. 
We have years of experience and a proven track record in business development strategies and
 provide cost-effective services specifically tailored to the needs of start-up companies.

If you are a startup, small or medium sized enterprise, you can benefit by engaging us in any or all of the following areas: 

Partner Search: we conducts market research to find new international opportunities and markets to target. We seeks national and international partners in order to start trade and technological partnerships or to submit EU projects.

Brokerage Events: realization of one-to-one meetings between research centers and start-up for applications matching and technology offerings, applications and commercial offers and to find partners for participation in funded research projects.

Company Missions: Exchange visits to facilitate international partnerships, involving researchers or companies, analyzing experience of research institutions or foreign startups.

Information and Assistance on Public Fundinginformation and assistance on financing possibilitiesadvice on how a start-up can get a grant, along with helpful guides on the different types of business grants and funding available at national, european and international level.

Raise Capital from Investors:Strive provides application for hundreds of business angels across the world and guides you through the process of honing your application and connecting with the right investors and accelerator programs seeking high-growth startups


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