Destination Marketing Services


Strive develops ideas and connections to help tourism destination to prepare proposals, win business and deliver exciting, creative and innovative programs to tourism consumers.

Strive specialises in introducing tourism destination to the market through an integrated marketing, promotion and public relations approach:

  • Site inspections and educational trips for prospective clients
  • Targeting to attract only motivated tourists
  • Realization of Packages and itineraries
  • Detailed recommendations for website and existing marketing strategy improvements
  • Public awareness of a touristic brand
  • E-marketing with regular updates on trends, destination news and special deals

Destination Social Media Marketing

Social media has a special significance for the activities of tourism destinations to increase their competitive advantage:
Tourism Consumers need information that can help them in the process of travel planning and decision making related to the selection of tourist destinations as well as of different types of tourism products. 
Personal recommendations are particularly important in this context, because of the intangibility of tourism products and Social Media provide this with the content created by the consumers and with the comments that can be trusted. In addition, 
Social media has been proven to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to connect with customers on a regular basis. 

  • Create Engaging Posts Tourists are visual creatures and want to see what a destination has to offer!
  • Customer serviceto take control of reputation, to respond to customers and try to fix problems
  • Conduct Research: realizing questionnaires and surveys to learn how to better target products and services to deliver