Careers at Strive International Consulting

We are always looking for new candidates looking to rapidly accelerate their career with Strive International.
As a member of our team, you are given responsibility to work face-to-face with clients within days of joining and are supported to continuously learn and develop your analytical skills .

We look for candidates who possess the below attributes:

  • Energy and enthusiasm - We’re looking for dynamos, people who bring energy and fun to any team they work with
  • Ambition - We are looking for driven individuals with exceptional motivation, people who will develop quickly and drive our business
  • Problem-solving ability - We seek practical, logical minds who can bring clarity and simplicity to problems
  • Leadership potential - We want people with the potential to become great leaders

  • Languages: Fluent English is essential. Other languages are very desirable.


Strategy/Business Development Consultant

Minimum Requirements: Master's degree in business, communications, marketing, or a related field from an accredited institution. Extensive experience in international marketing and business development within other countries and cultures is required. Strong communication skills and the ability to manage multiple projects are required. 

Essential Functions: She/he facilitates the planning and implementation of the strategic direction,identifies potential demand for future projects , supports the development of new international initiatives ,establishes connections nationally and internationally with businesses,consultants and institutions in order to create innovative projects and collaborations. 


Internship Program

An internship at Strive International offers the chance to develop your skills and gain relevant experiences abroad. We’re looking for students who want to contribute to our vision for 2-6 months. 

we’re looking for students who want to contribute to our vision. Essential Functions: She/He will assist the Communication Manager scheduling, executing and reporting for social media strategies, daily posts/tweets, monitor social channels and make press releases . Working with digital marketing,  social media promotions, management of lists of social media contacts, daily posts/tweets. Her will also work at the creation and management of promotional events both in Ireland and other countries..