Business To Business Meetings

The Strive's B2B are structured to be extremely concrete and to get as a direct result,the development of trade agreements with buyers in the foreign markets. The project starts with a selection of the buyers according to the types of products offered by the participating companies and specific product demand in the market. After Strive organizes a 1 day event dedicated to B2B meetings between representatives of participating companies and selected buyers in order to start the first trade agreements. The meetings will be realized in meeting rooms with tasting material and professional multilingual staff assisting the companies during all the process and in the follow-up phase .
The Buyers who will participate in these direct meetings will be selected in order to diversify the origin and specialization. The meetings will focus on the showcasing of products with selected buyers and the starting of first trade agreements.
Strive International Consulting manages the communication activities during all the steps of the event, both on-line and off-line. The participating companies are included in press releases, photo, video, review, articles on specialized magazine, blog, posts in the social network. In addition, after the event, the participating companies will receive a report with photos, names of buyer met and press release.